International Conference “Environmental Challenges in the Black Sea Basin: Impact on Human Health” - MONITOX (BSB27) Project

The International Conference "Environmental Challenges in the Black Sea Basin: Impact on Human Health" will be organized in the period September 23rd-26th 2020 in Galati, Romania, by “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati (INPOLDE research center, ReFORM-UDJG Multidisciplinary Platform) in partnership with Institute of Zoology, Republic of Moldova; International Hellenic University, Greece; Institute of Geology and Seismology, Republic of Moldova & Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Romania, in the frame of the project with code BSB27 "Black Sea Basin interdisciplinary cooperation network for sustainable joint monitoring of environmental toxicants migration, improved evaluation of ecological state and human health impact of harmful substances, and public exposure prevention" (acronym "MONITOX") financed through Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020.

The Conference is focused on the current developments on environmental monitoring and management of freshwater, marine and coastal areas, impact of toxic and carcinogenic substances on human health, environmental and health education, ICT solutions to improve scientific information dissemination, with an emphasis on the results obtained in the frame of the BSB27 project.

The event target groups are: researchers and specialists members of the BSB27 project teams, scientists and young researchers, students and alumni, medical staff and  representatives of non-governamental organizations from various institutions from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and other countries.

The selected papers will be presented in plenary, oral, poster or virtual sessions, covering a wide range of topics grouped in four interrelated sections:
  1. Toxic and carcinogenic substances in Black and Aegean Seas Basins – levels, distribution, modeling, monitoring techniques;
  2. Evaluating exposure to toxicants and their impact on ecological state of aquatic ecosystems and human health;
  3. Environmental technologies, remediation and management of riverine, deltaic and coastal ecosystems,
  4. Health and environmental education, innovative solutions to improve scientific information dissemination.
Acknowledging the current situation generated by COVID-19 pandemic, the BSB27 project team will take all the necessary measures to deal with health related risks and to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis during the conference, as recommended by the Black Sea Basin Management Authority.

The contributions main subjects will be: studies related to the: assessment of levels and distribution of toxic and carcinogenic compounds and microorganisms in different environmental compartments; assessment of risk to human health and ecological state; studies on the influence of human activities or natural phenomena on the state of aquatic ecosystems; environmental management and modelling techniques; remediation technologies; methods for detection and prioritization of endocrine disruptors and contaminants of environmental concern (CECs) - pharmaceuticals and  personal care products (PPCPs), health and environmental education methods, innovative solutions used to improve the dissemination of scientific information, etc.

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